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Planning your communication strategy doesn’t have to be complicated. Analyse, outline and create a visual plan of your web communication strategy with this free simple tool.

Visual Communication Planner 3D

Not a marketing expert?

Perfect for marketing and communication professionals and non-specialists alike, the Visual Communication Planner allows you to outline and visualise your strategy simply and understandably.

Roberta Giulia Amidani

"With my VCP on my desk, I reset my communication and align it perfectly with my goals".

- Roberta Giulia Amidani
   Editor and ghostwriter

Learn how to use it

Outlining your communication strategy has never been easier. Download and print the tool, watch the slideshow, answer the questions and start creating your visual plan today.

Armando Giorgi

"It’s an excellent tool, in style and form. I use it often in my work as a web consultant and see it as the evolution and completion of my own modest web marketing canvas. It’s an essential tool for defining your communication strategy,  I can’t recommend it highly enough".

- Armando Giorgi
   Digital Strategist
Visual Communication Planner mockup

“The strategy does not have a specific shape, it assumes that of the channels and markets on which it develops. It adapts to changes, to the situation it encounters. The perfect strategy is like water. Only by adapting to changing conditions it achieves its goal. For this reason the Visual Communication Planner does not offer answers, but questions."

Gabriele Carboni

Analyse your position

Develop a new communication strategy or optimise your existing plan by analysing your current strengths and weaknesses.

Determine the investments

A good plan starts with the basics. Work out what to invest and when throughout the life of your strategy.

Identify your audience

Target the right prospects and position your products and services perfectly within their minds.

Create your content and choose your channels

Curate your existing content, create a content calendar and develop fresh new material for all your communication channels.

Set your goals

Determine your objectives and plot a path to success.

Establish your KPIs

Analyse your data, review your results and get a serious Return On Investment.

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Visual Communication Planner 3D

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What's new in version 3.0

- The Marketing Distinguo concept is the first and most important element in your communication strategy.

- KPIs take the place of Metrics.

- Investments take the place of Budget.

- New slides and a new bottom-up approach.

- New graphic layout and logo.

- New free resources.

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The Marketing Distinguo card deck

"...a process to finally come to the differentiation you need". Prof. Philip Kotler

The Marketing Distinguo is a simple process to answer the most difficult question: “Why should I buy your company’s product rather than your competitor’s?”

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The author

Gabriele Carboni


Defined by Going Global UK: "Leading expert in international digital marketing strategies".

Among the 5 major Italian marketing influencers according to Digitalic. Author of "Web strategies for foreign markets", Hoepli 2016 and "The Marketing Distinguo: differentiation on three steps", Amazon 2019.

The only Italian to complete the MIT Digital Business Strategy Executive Program on Digital Transformation.

Awarded among the three Best 2019 Marketing Innovation at DES 2019 in Madrid with the Marketing Distinguo project.

He has collaborated as a teacher for Exportiamo Academy, 24 hours Business School, University of Bologna, University of Trento, International University of Rome, Ninja Academy.

He is the only consultant of BPER Banca for web marketing strategies for foreign markets.

He is part of the UNI commission for the definition of legislation relating to the profession of the Export Manager and the Digital Export Manager.

Gabriele Carboni

«I have created this tool as a community give back, a contribution to the marketers, professionals, entrepreneurs and managers sharing with me the path so far. The VCP was born from the idea of simplifying the fundamental mechanisms for a conscious use of digital tools for marketing purposes.»


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