Not a marketing expert?

Planning your communication strategy doesn’t have to be complicated. Analyse, outline and create a visual plan of your web communication strategy with this simple tool.

Visual Communication Planner

Plot a path to communication success, analyse the most effective methods and eliminate operational issues and problems along the way.

Perfect for marketing and communication professionals and non-specialists alike, the Visual Communication Planner allows you to outline and visualise your strategy in a simple and understandable way.

What is the Visual Communication Planner?

Analyse, outline and display the web communication strategy of your company or customers in a way everyone can understand.

Visual Communication Planner

Analyse your position

Develop a new communication strategy or optimise your existing plan by analysing your current strengths and weaknesses.

Determine your budget

A good plan starts with the basics. Work out what to invest and when throughout the life of your strategy.

Identify your targets

Target the right prospects and position your products and services perfectly within their minds.

Create your content and choose your channels

Curate your existing content, create a content calendar and develop fresh new material for all your communication channels.

Set your goals

Determine your objectives and plot a path to success.

Establish your metrics

Analyse your data, review your results and get a serious return on investment.

What's new in v2.0

A new concept takes the place of Positioning: Marketing Distinguo.

"A process to finally come to the differentiation you need"

Prof. Philip Kotler

Discover Marketing Distinguo  

Learn how to use it

Outlining your communication strategy has never been easier. Watch the slideshow, answer the questions and start creating your visual plan today.

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Analyse, outline and visualise your web communication strategy

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The author

Gabriele Carboni


Gabriele Carboni is co-founder of Weevo S.r.l., an Italian web agency specializing in the international market approach through Social Media. He is engaged in Marketing, Communication and Sales, is a Digital Strategic Planner, journalist and Communications Designer.

He is the only Italian who accomplished the MIT Digital Business Strategy Executive Program about Digital Transformation (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

He has worked as a lecturer for 24Ore Business School, Ninja Academy, Warrantraining and several Italian universities.

He is co-publisher and columist of Il Giornale delle PMI, the Italian online magazine dedicated to small and medium-sized businesses. He is also the author of "Strategie web per i mercati esteri" (Digital Strategies for International Markets), Hoepli 2016.